Custom model cars built with LEGO® bricks - an exclusive collection of building instructions which offers a variety of scales and building challenges.If you are looking for a gift, or prefer us to source the pieces for you, then we offer a limited range of 6-Wide Kits, as well as some larger, more detailed 8-Wide Kits.

All instruction manuals are downloadable pdfs, with clear, step-by-step guidance, including parts lists. Kits include the pdf download as well as all the parts for you to build the car shipped to your door.

JE Brickworks

About the builds


Featured builds

Lamborghini Countach LP400

Built 7-studs wide - a detailed and super-challenging build.


1971 Plymouth Satellite Police Car

A 7-wide classic cop car


Meyers Manx Beach Buggy

A super-fun build of a super-fun car


About me

A lifelong car fanatic, I spent most of my youth building models from LEGO® bricks, construction kits and drawing as well as designing my own cars. I graduated from University with a degree in Car Design and although this never converted into a career, the obsession with cars and LEGO® has persisted through adulthood. 

I started building with LEGO® bricks again a few years ago and began to share my work, initially on Flickr and then more recently via Instagram. My builds are regularly featured on The Lego Car Blog and The Brothers Brick and my work has appeared in various print publications, including Top Gear Magazine.