JE Brickworks

Custom model cars built with LEGO® bricks - an exclusive collection of building instructions and limited edition kits.

All instruction manuals are downloadable pdfs, with clear, step-by-step guidance, including parts lists. Kits include the pdf download as well as all the parts for you to build the car shipped to your door. Please note that I can no longer guarantee kits will be delivered by Chrismas.

About the builds


Featured builds

Lamborghini Countach LP400

Built 7-studs wide - a detailed and super-challenging build.


Ukraine Crisis Appeal Truck

Buy now to donate via the British Red Cross.


Unimog Fire Truck

Feature-packed and ready to tackle some serious terrain.


About me

A lifelong car fanatic, I spent most of my youth building models from LEGO® bricks, construction kits and drawing as well as designing my own cars. I graduated from University with a degree in Car Design and although this never converted into a career, the obsession with cars and LEGO® has persisted through adulthood. 

I started building with LEGO® bricks again a few years ago and began to share my work, initially on Flickr and then more recently via Instagram. I generally build the old-fashioned way, using real bricks and trial and error, I only use digital platforms to create instructions after I’m happy with the real-life model.