How to upload .io files into Bricklink

1. Get a Bricklink account set up (if you don’t already have one) and log in

2. Click the ‘Want’ icon at the top right of the screen

3. Click ‘Upload’ (on the top left, just under the Bricklink logo)

4. Use the drop down  next to ‘Add to’ and create a new wanted list

5. Select the .io file from your files

6. You should see ‘The file was accepted’ – then click ‘Proceed to verify items’

7. You will then see the full list of items. You can select all and change ‘condition’ to ‘new’ if you prefer only new parts

8. Then click ‘Add to Wanted List’ in the bottom right

9. Now when you click on the ‘Want’ icon again, you should see your Wanted List

10. If you select this wanted list then you can choose ‘Buy All’

11. You’ll see a number of Store Filters which offer options to choose from your home country or region

12. Click ‘Auto Select’

13. Check that all of the parts are assigned

14. Create the shopping carts with the selected stores and follow each through to payment

15. Wait for parcels of bricks to arrive